If someone texts my daughter she can reply back through the notification bar. Can anything be done about this?




  • Maria

    What would work better is a way to do multiple allowances is the app section. For example. Texting isn't allowed m to Friday 9 am to 4pm and 8 pm to midnight. Multiple allowances on a given day.

  • Vik Khanna

    We are doing the multiple allowances right now by device schedule and doing it per app could get complicated in terms of setup and also from knowing what is doing what in troubleshooting scenarios.  Plus, the core issue here of the reply to via notifications can only be solved if we do the programmatic Do Not Disturb when scheduled screen time is 'out.'  

  • drjasonharrison

    I want both "do not disturb" and the "block replies to messages through the notification bar"

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