Can Boomerang be used on Chromebooks and Windows computers?




  • Cathy Colangelo

    Very interested in using on chromebook!

  • Karl Baumgartner

    I would really like to see this platform for Windows PC and Apple, it would bring peace of mind when the kids look anything up online.

  • Audria Story

    I am interested in the chromebook version. My phone is old and won't let me use Boomerang


  • Kaitlyn Reece

    Im very interested in the app for chrome books. Both of my sons got chrome books from their schools for homework, and needless to say my oldest has already gotten his taken away for the stuff he was doing on it.

  • Ludwig O'Hallorans

    I'm also interested in the windows version so I can control all my child devices from boomerang.

    Chromebooks will be a nice addition too.

  • kym v

    I am interested in monitoring for Chrome Books.

  • Priya Elias

    Very much interested for Windows version . Awaiting release

  • Technocyborg

    me too, for windows version

    Many thanks

  • Gerald Story

    yup, ready and willing to use it.  :)


  • Kevin k

    I am interested in chromebook functionality.

  • Yolanda Flanigan

    I would Boomerang on Windows please!

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