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Google wants to shut down our safe calling & safe texting features; Help Needed!



  • Jason Sepeda

    Yes, this should be a core, because it's one of the main reasons that makes boomerang so great as far as me feeling safer as my children on electronic devices

  • Patrick J. Power

    I agree these controls need to be reserved and allowed for true legit parental control applications. Whether you need to meet certain qualifications or sign a certain contract to recognize it. Somehow Google needs to make it allowed. It's a scary world out there for kids and only getting worse. Parents need to keep their children safe from predators and bullies. They also need piece of mind.

  • Keith Nelson

    I use this feature on my kids phone and I believe boomerang deserves to be allowed to run under this exception. I appreciate being able to know when someone is trying to communicate with my daughter. Just recently there was some piece of crap 23 year old hitting on my 16 year old daughter. I am so grateful that I was able to see his texts and read the trash her was writing her. Thanks Boomerang!

  • Finlandia

    Caring parents are usually good parents. National Edtech serves the society in amounts that far surpass any potential harm caused by the surveillance of text messages and calls. This company does not do any malice!

  • Diana Lynch

    The safe features available for calls and texts that are not listed in contacts are the most attractive features offered by the boomerang team in my opinion. Why is there not a clause readily available for parents that opt into this monitoring for the safety of their children? Shame on you Google. I am immediately emailed when an unknown call or text is placed to my child's phone. I have the ability to force unknown calls straight to voicemail to prohibit spam or strangers from reaching my minor child. This is simple..... grant exception. Alternatively, I'm sure every parent registered with Boomerang would be willing to approve an outrageously long waiver of rights written by high-paid corporate lawyers that removes Google from liability so we can continue to use this more than reasonably price app that provides exponential peace to parents utilizing their amazing child SAFETY (aka: monitoring) services. 

  • Andrea Gray

    Please do not remove the boomerang parental app. It app has been a lifesaver for us. My sons bio mom was texting him lies and calling him. Because of the boomerang app we were able to show the judge exactly what she was saying and when she called him. It was this app that has saved my son from being in a toxic relationship with his bio mom.

    Because of the text monitoring we were able to monitor my sons messages about wanting to hurt himself. We were able to admit him to a hospital that changed his meds and very honestly saved his life.

    We are able to monitor everything in one location and it’s so needed. In today’s society having an app like boomerang parental controls is necessary.

    I use the app on 3 phones and there is nothing like it.

    Please do not ban it.

  • Gerald Story

    Having the ability to know when someone is trying to contact my children is a must and this application lets me do just that.  Don't take that away Google.  I love your stuff, please don't kill this product.

  • gaylemgoodwin

    I have a child with disabilities that has very limited executive functions. By using this app I have been able to stop four different bullies and block their numbers and see text messages that relate to her self harm. She had to go to the hospital last November. If I did not have access to text messaging and call blocking I would never have been able to get her into the hospital where she needed to be before she hurt herself. Google please do not take this app away this is a core function for parents especially with kids with disabilities who are prone to be able to be bullied and not be able to defend themselves which leads to major depression and hospitalization and self hurting. If I do not have access to these my child may be gone instead of being hospitalized and medicated. Having a locator on it is also great cuz she often doesn't realize where she is and gets lost instead of using the map feature or she will tell me one thing I'm going to the park and then end up at another location so the GPS function for me keeps her totally safe. This is been a lifesaver for the two of us including preventing her from getting bullied any further by having text and call blocking. For any parent with a child with disabilities this is a must have on their child's phone

  • John Lovett

    I concur. I purchased this app to keep my son safe from predators. Part of that is to make sure they aren't calling or texting him. I purchased this app with the full understanding that Boomerang would be monitoring these areas.  Please Google let us keep our kids safe from would be predators and bullies.   

  • R RV

    Please do not remove this feature. How can I ensure that strangers do not call him?? How can I know if someone texts him with bad words?? A boy wrote him with the F word, I got an alert. I was able to intervene. This functionality is needed, not a nice to have.

  • Raymond

    There are a lot of strangers and bad people outside there in the world.
    Boomerang is a must have mobile app for all parents, not just to monitor our children but also our grandparents. Without their great vision particularly parents in mind, all of us (parents) won’t be able to track and monitor our child safety 365 days, 24/7 comfortably on our mobile devices.

    Boomerang vision to protect our children/kids from predators and cyber bullies.


  • Erin Hawn

    These features are absolutely essential! Core functions for certain. I have been able to identify and discuss/avert many dangerous, inappropriate or uncomfortable situations. The predators and cyber bullies aren't always strangers, they can also be "friends" we been able to catch things early that could've lead to disaster and even danger and have genuine conversations with oor kids thanks to the sms permissions and alerts when certain language is detected. After multiple incident with a wrong number caller contacting my 12 yr old child asking her to "kick it at his place" the feature allowing only known callers to me is essential.

  • Kris Thomason

    I don't understand why Google wouldn't allow this to be available on this paid app.  We are buying this product for this very reason!  It is absolutely core to the functionality of this product, and is what I am using it for.  Please allow an exception for Boomerang as they do a great job in providing this feature for parents!

  • J Rup
    I am writing to express my support for the Boomerang App to utilize the Call Logs and SMS permissions for its safe calling and safe texting features.
    I use Boomerang on all three of my children's phones to monitor their phone, sms, internet, and app usage and to keep them safe from unknown predators. The call and SMS logging functionality in the Boomerang app is a critical and inseparable part of the app's overall utility. 
    In today's world, it is essential that parents be able to monitor and safeguard their children's activity. It is far too easy for an impostor or malicious individual to gain access to minors, there is far too much dangerous and illicit content on the web, and the hazards of habitual or excessive time spent on a mobile device are well documented.

    An app such as Boomerang that provides all of this functionality as a single solution is invaluable. The call and sms logging feature is only one part of what is a virtual swiss-army knife in a parent's toolkit to keep their kids safe.

    Please allow the Boomerang app to continue to have access to the Call Logs and SMS permissions for its safe calling and safe texting features.
  • Kevin k

    Call and SMS monitoring is absolutely a core function. This feature is the SOLE reason I choose this app and went with an android vs an apple phone as the first phone for my oldest child. An iphone was cheaper and synced better with her iPad and friends and family's apple products but the safety and security the app offered was the deciding factor.

  • Jorge A

    Message to Google:

    Boomerang is a life safer. Please work with us. As parents it's necessary to have full control over our young children's devices. We love technology, but as we all know there are also dangers that need to be managed, especially in the case of young children.

    Thank you!

  • Craig Fenoff

    Google should exempt the Boomerang APP from the text and call  policy, its for the security of our children. Not some hidden app selling our data!

  • Matt W

    Call and SMS monitoring is a key feature of this software and one of the main reasons we use it.  We have caught bad behavior multiple times by monitoring certain words and stopped issues before they became problems.  We need to keep this feature in the core functionality.

  • acurtis

    The Boomerang application is the tool we count on to monitor our children's text messages and phone calls.  Keeping our children safe on their devices is a time-consuming but extremely important job.  Boomerang helps us tremendously. Please continue to allow Boomerang access to Call Logs and SMS messages.  Boomerang is putting the access to good use and not using the permissions for malicious intents or for profits.  

  • Kvtaylor

    The safe calling and texting feature is absolutely essential!!!!!

  • Shannon Mejia

    I have been using Boomerang for over 4 years.  The texting and calling feature is huge in the reason I use it.  I can restrict who my children can talk with to keep them safe.  Being able to see who they talk to and who they text with is huge.  Because I allow those permissions when I install the app, I grant that permission on the app.  This should not be removed!

  • Ricky King

    This is a parental control app. Can't have that without being able to monitor whos calling, texting, etc. I'm sorry, but who is Google to tell me that I can't monitor my child's device. If I'm choosing to put an app like boomerang on my child's phone to monitor these things Google should allow it.

  • Robin Tobin

    Please allow Boomerang to continue access to Call logs and SMS messages.
    This feature is one of the main things that sets Boomerang apart from the other parental control apps. This is what makes it the best one out there.
    During the initial sign up process, all of the permissions are made VERY clear, and one must agree to each one separately. This is a legitimate app that should be exempt from the new Google rules.
    This feature has helped us to ensure our children are safe online; not only does it alert me when a new phone number contacts my daughter, but it alerts me to inappropriate words being used. This is crucial in today's world of cyber bullying.

  • angie bauer

    The feature to be able to see calls and texts not listed in contacts is a very important one. Please do not take this away, it's one of the most used features of the app.

  • Jeannie Tischler

    This feature is absolutely essential! Boomerang should be exempt from the new Google rules. The alerts are  an INVALUABLE feature in protecting our children.

  • Boomerang Team

    I truly believe this feature is incredibly valuable. It definitely sets our minds at ease knowing that only contacts our daughter has in her phone are able to reach her, therefore no one we don't know nor want her to be in communication with can get through. Also, it is so important these days to be alerted if young kids are texting and a "buzz" word, such as suicide is used. Can you even begin to imagine the lives that could have be saved had so many other parents been using an app like boomerang?

  • Ekimyam

    Boomerang ABSOLUTELY deserves an exception under Google’s permitted use of Caller ID, spam detection, and spam blocking. The safe calling and safe texting feature is CORE to the app, and is one of the main reasons I use Boomerang.  This is protection for my children in a world filled with stalkers and predators - not to mention bullying.  DO THE RIGHT THING, Google. 

  • Melissa Bye

    It most definitely needs to have an exception. I initially got Boomerang when a 23 year old was messaging my 12 year old. I was able to take proof to the police and block that person from contacting her again. This is a necessity with kids these days.

  • Lallie D Leighton

    Fully agree. Our son hates this app, but we're grateful that the app helped us know about some borderline vicious interference by the mom of one of our son's former girlfriends who was spouting off negative comments to our son about us. She was blocked immediately on all of our son's accounts, not to mention her access to our Facebook account. We've also become aware of plans and activities that our son hadn't told us about. We're 60-plus adoptive parents (retired) of a 16-year-old. We live in the small town where I grew up, but it's still vital that we keep tabs on what our son is doing. We want him to be independent and to learn how to handle freedom as he nears adulthood, but there are certainly those out there who are "up to no good," and we'd be grossly negligent if we just sat by and hoped for the best without active involvement. There are apps that Google needs to restrict and or drop from their apps offerings, but Boomerang IS NOT one of those "bad apps." Please keep it!

  • James DeMong

    As a dad, I need to be in the loop of my minor children's communications so that I can help them learn to be use tech responsibly *and* safely.

    I use Boomerang's ability to monitor SMS messages and call logs to support parenting in the 21st century


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