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Google wants to shut down our safe calling & safe texting features; Help Needed!



  • Boomerang Team

    I truly believe this feature is incredibly valuable. It definitely sets our minds at ease knowing that only contacts our daughter has in her phone are able to reach her, therefore no one we don't know nor want her to be in communication with can get through. Also, it is so important these days to be alerted if young kids are texting and a "buzz" word, such as suicide is used. Can you even begin to imagine the lives that could have be saved had so many other parents been using an app like boomerang?

  • Jorge A

    Message to Google:

    Boomerang is a life safer. Please work with us. As parents it's necessary to have full control over our young children's devices. We love technology, but as we all know there are also dangers that need to be managed, especially in the case of young children.

    Thank you!

  • Traci

    Completely Agree. This is the best parental app out there. Please do not remove it from Play Store and continue to allow Boomerang to continue to access call logs and SMS messaging. This is invaluable to keep our children safe! It give our kids freedom, yet allows us as parents to know they are safe. Do the right thing.

  • Brian Lowrance

    I feel like Google has missed a category of their Permitted Uses and/or Exceptions list.  They did not include a "Parental Controls" use or exception.  Text Message (SMS) and Call data is core to my use of Boomerang.  As a respected IT employee/friend/family I've recommended many parents that are looking into getting their kids phones to purchase an Android phone/tablet and use Boomerang for this specific purpose.  This is an edge that Android and Boomerang have over iPhones/iPads (or other products).  Parental Control apps should absolutely (among many other permissions) be able to review, analyze, alert on, and prevent Text Messaging and Call data. Keywords and analytics can detect and report early warning signs of bullying, self-harm, etc.  I certainly hope that Google will consider this category (Parental Control) and allow us to keep using Boomerang as-is and perhaps even add additional data that can be fed in to assist with detection of early warning signs regarding the well-being of monitored children.

  • Sabrina Broome

    Boomerang definitely deserves an exception under Google’s permitted use of Caller ID, spam detection, and spam blocking. The safe calling and safe texting feature is essential to the app, and is one of the reasons I use Boomerang. This app has allowed our child to safely use electronic devices!

  • Ekimyam

    Boomerang ABSOLUTELY deserves an exception under Google’s permitted use of Caller ID, spam detection, and spam blocking. The safe calling and safe texting feature is CORE to the app, and is one of the main reasons I use Boomerang.  This is protection for my children in a world filled with stalkers and predators - not to mention bullying.  DO THE RIGHT THING, Google. 

  • Josephine Cheang

    These features are absolutely essential and should not be forced to remove. Through this feature, I got to know that my kid received harassing SMS from unknown person and I am able to work out a plan with school officer. Please KEEP it. Boomerang should be exempted from this policies.

  • Yolanda Flanigan

    Please give Boomerang the exception! We paid for the app for those essential features.

  • Melissa Bye

    It most definitely needs to have an exception. I initially got Boomerang when a 23 year old was messaging my 12 year old. I was able to take proof to the police and block that person from contacting her again. This is a necessity with kids these days.

  • Charlotte Wisdom

    GOOGLE needs to pull it together, we as parents need this app to fully function to keep our children safe. This app should and must be core as anyone who love their child or children in general should understand. There are child predators among us trying to get to our children every single sec. This app helps minimize the threat 1000% with all of it control over our children phones that we as parents can can control and the notification boomerang sent and soon as something is not right. Google pull it together and help us keep our precious children safe from predators.

  • Gravesnd

    I've been using Boomerang for a few years now. It has been essential for the safety of my daughters that I have access to know all their activities on their phones. I have full confidence in the developers of this app, that is both safe and secure and should definitely be exempted from Google's policy against malicious apps, and continue to be offered in the Google Play app store. 

  • Naomi Hirsch

    I also support the need for the Boomerang App to utilize the Call Logs and SMS permissions for its safe calling and safe texting features.
    Just the other day, my 11 year old son's friend included him on a group text to solicit donations for a school fundraiser. Many of the kids did not know who the others were on the thread and were questioning who each kid was. A number of the kids disclosed their names and schools to complete strangers and then it took a turn with kids insulting and cussing at each other. Fortunately I was able to see the situation unfold by receiving warning emails from Boomerang about all of the unknown people texting my son (over 50 texts) and was able to talk to him before he got involved.
    Google, we need Boomerang and ALL of its features.

  • Robin Moseley

    This tool is invaluable. I use it on 3 different devices to monitor my kids. It's how I learned my daughter was being bullied and had a possible stalker. Google, leave this application alone and give it the permissions it needs.

  • Heidi Dressler

    I use this feature, and I want to continue with this feature. Boomerang deserves to be allowed to run under this exception. This is a crucial piece in keeping our kids safe. So much goes on on text. Boomerang understands that need and doesn't do anything that would violate it's terms. I love this app and would be very upset that these features were changed. Allow Boomerang to continue without disruption. 

  • Lori DeLozier

    Thank you Boomerang for your support in protecting our kids. Inside a "safe" app my 12 year old daughter had an 18 yo young man texting her. When questioned, her comment was "it's the Bible app, mom". I was able to see it because of your app. ALL of the features we have been very pleased with. If not for apps like this that work seemlessly with Android, we would be totally Apple users; which we will be if Google shuts this and others like it down. We have iPads that do not work as well with this app even from the Apple store. But, we will switch from anything Google if they do this. Kids that age are way too naive to understand true danger.

    Thank you for your efforts,

    Lori DeLozier

  • Boomerang Team

    This feature of Boomerang is invaluable and gives me a great deal of peace of mind. I feel it is important for my eldest child to have a phone and access to social media communication with his friends, but this feature of the app allows me to continue to develop open discussions with him about how to manage those resources responsibly and safely. It is one of the most important reasons why I use Boomerang and will continue to use it for my eldest child and for my two other children as they get older.

  • Ian Cowling

    Google don't provide this feature to keep my kids safe, so Boomerang needs to be able to continue requesting permission to access Call Logs and SMS. I'm worried about the environment my kids live in and need to know they are safe at all times.

    Google, don't remove Boomerang. Give them an Editor's recommendation!

  • Darnell L Adams

    Call and text monitoring is why I chose Boomerang. It's an essential feature when trying to keep your child safe on their phone.

  • Bapo

    For me as well as for all of my three children, safe calling and safe texting features are definitely core features of my favourite app Boomerang. These features are one of the main reasons that makes Boomerang so great. My children are safer on electronic devices and I can help them to solve some of problems in due time. Thank you for all of functionalities and helpful support of our peaceful family life!

  • Traci Dysart

    I fully support the Boomerang app. I researched several others and selected Boomerang because it had the best collection of features that I wanted. I am seriously disappointed in Google's approach to interacting with the Boomerang developers. They need to have a team in place to have conversations with developers rather than making them fill out a form, which they then ignore. If Google continues to operate in this manner, it will cause dissatisfaction and will open the doors for someone else to come in and provide a better solution. Google should treat smaller developers with the same respect and attention that they give to larger developers. The call and SMS permissions features are critical / core to the Boomerang app and the features that I want for my children.  Google's reluctance to address this issue effectively makes them anti-family.

  • Norma L Jimenez

    The safe calling and texting feature is exactly why I can trust my son to have a phone. We've already lived through our daughter being bullied and harassed before knowing Boomerang existed. Boomerang truly does deserve an exception.

  • csitler

    This functionality is so vitally important to us to help limit the amount of inappropriate behavior that our son experiences. Please do not allow this to be removed. 

  • Al Baymar

    This makes me angry with Google. Boomerang is the only reliable parental control app for Android, with its amazing first class support and excellent reputation. Now Google wants to effectively take it away, which makes me reconsider whether Android phones for my kids are a good idea.

  • Monnie Bigger

    This app has been a life saver for our family! It puts our minds at ease to know we can monitor the phone calls and text messages of our kids so strangers aren't trying to contact them. If we didn't have these features, our kids would probably not have a phone. Please allow Boomerang to continue using the app for it's intended purpose so we can keep our children safe is this technical world. Parents need a way to monitor texts and phone calls. It is at the "core" of what Boomerang does for us as parents

    Monnie B.

  • radupitish

    Boomerang is the best app for parental supervision on Android. Now that Apple killed all these possibilities, the parents really look up at Google to help us. Blocking this feature in Boomerang, will put our children in danger. This is an app that can not be abused for as might be other apps. This control is clearly for parents to make sure their children are safe. Google - don't Apple it and keep this great app intact!

  • Shellytfletcher

    I find the potential negative outcomes of technology in youth culture to be one of the most pervasive forces that parents, youth, and schools contend with.  Because of concern for their children's well-being, parents go to Boomerang's parental controls to still allow their children to engage with peers, while limiting the unhealthy effects to the extent possible.  In our current world where issues such as teen suicide, self-harming behaviors, and destructive social behaviors affect all aspects of youth's lives, parents want and need to know with whom their children are communicating, and to be able to monitor the content of their children's exchanges.  Without Boomerang, I likely would not allow my child to text others.  Please consider the "Big Picture" and allow an exemption for Boomerang!  

  • Mappll

    It have grate features specially bad word block it good one and blocking for number. These all amazing me thanks all.

  • Alicia Fisher

    I think this service is integral to this app and I would hate to see this be removed because of all the services this app provides I can fully monitor my special needs 13 yr old son so he can have the responsibility of having a phone and I can still keep him safe. 

    I understand the need to remove these features on most apps, again child safety is a big one, but there should be an exception for this when it is for apps that are ensuring the safety of our most important people that being our children and loved ones. 

    #ExemptBoomerang #KeepOurLovedOnesSafe

  • Drea0601

     Viewing texts and calls is most definitely a core necessity in this app.

    Being able to read texts has helped me SAVE my teenage son from committing suicide twice!! I would have never known he was feeling that way or threatening such heart breaking things! This is our right as a parent. We are raising them, protecting them, and paying their bill. They are minors, not adults. Once adults, these apps should be removed by us.

  • Erin Kukuk

    I am so grateful for this app. My kids hate it but I feel better knowing what's going on with them. This app has allowed me to find about about things my kids are doing and permitted me to shut it down. Please dont shut this down!


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