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Google wants to shut down our safe calling & safe texting features; Help Needed!



  • Frauke Koster

    I sure hope that Boomerang will be able to function with all of its features, it is a fantastic tool for monitoring my kids phone habits and to make sure they are not communicating with strangers.


  • Jason Crabtree

    Google should exempt the Boomerang app from the text and call policy. It is for the security of our children. The app's developers are trustworthy and provide a helpful service.

  • Jay Holderer


    We, as parents, are comforted by having the right to put these permissions on our children’s’ phones. This is not a conspiracy but good basic parenting.

    With all the inappropriate material available to children on their phones wouldn't you simply want to be on the right side of this?

    Thank you for your consideration.

  • BC


    Feb 12, 11:58 PST

    I am shocked that Google would even consider taking this protection away!  I have a 16 year old daughter who has been bullied and harassed and these protections help keep these predators away from her.  I can see the conversations, block them and report them.  This is one of the few apps that really tries to give parents tools to help their child/children stay safe.  I feel safer knowing my daughter has this app on her phone.  Please Google...leave Boomerang to its business of helping parents protect their children.
    Brenda C.
  • Qbrisco

    I am so thankful I ran across this app! I tried to monitor my daughters phone myself and I was very inconsistent. Now monitoring is a breeze. I truly hope google approves the use of these core permissions because they are vital in ensuring the safety, security, and total monitoring of our children devices.    

  • Brian Lowrance

    I feel like Google has missed a category of their Permitted Uses and/or Exceptions list.  They did not include a "Parental Controls" use or exception.  Text Message (SMS) and Call data is core to my use of Boomerang.  As a respected IT employee/friend/family I've recommended many parents that are looking into getting their kids phones to purchase an Android phone/tablet and use Boomerang for this specific purpose.  This is an edge that Android and Boomerang have over iPhones/iPads (or other products).  Parental Control apps should absolutely (among many other permissions) be able to review, analyze, alert on, and prevent Text Messaging and Call data. Keywords and analytics can detect and report early warning signs of bullying, self-harm, etc.  I certainly hope that Google will consider this category (Parental Control) and allow us to keep using Boomerang as-is and perhaps even add additional data that can be fed in to assist with detection of early warning signs regarding the well-being of monitored children.

  • Alicia Fisher

    I think this service is integral to this app and I would hate to see this be removed because of all the services this app provides I can fully monitor my special needs 13 yr old son so he can have the responsibility of having a phone and I can still keep him safe. 

    I understand the need to remove these features on most apps, again child safety is a big one, but there should be an exception for this when it is for apps that are ensuring the safety of our most important people that being our children and loved ones. 

    #ExemptBoomerang #KeepOurLovedOnesSafe

  • Bapo

    For me as well as for all of my three children, safe calling and safe texting features are definitely core features of my favourite app Boomerang. These features are one of the main reasons that makes Boomerang so great. My children are safer on electronic devices and I can help them to solve some of problems in due time. Thank you for all of functionalities and helpful support of our peaceful family life!

  • Irina Gorman

    Yes, safe calling and safe texing is a core feature I chosen Boomerang for. Its paramount to have this level of control with kids these days

  • Mappll

    It have grate features specially bad word block it good one and blocking for number. These all amazing me thanks all.

  • Lori DeLozier

    Thank you Boomerang for your support in protecting our kids. Inside a "safe" app my 12 year old daughter had an 18 yo young man texting her. When questioned, her comment was "it's the Bible app, mom". I was able to see it because of your app. ALL of the features we have been very pleased with. If not for apps like this that work seemlessly with Android, we would be totally Apple users; which we will be if Google shuts this and others like it down. We have iPads that do not work as well with this app even from the Apple store. But, we will switch from anything Google if they do this. Kids that age are way too naive to understand true danger.

    Thank you for your efforts,

    Lori DeLozier

  • Gerald Story

    Now we have Kaspersky suing Apple over the limiting of their parental controls app.,38868.html


  • Emil Engelman

    I am looking at getting this app for my child.   this is one of the features I am interested in.  Did Google take this functionality away yet or are there still plans to?  thanks!

  • Andrea Thompson

    Boomerang needs to be an exception to Google's rule. As a parent it is my job to keep my child safe. She has been bullied at school this year, and without boomerangs text and call reports, I won't be able to keep tabs of what's being sent to her. For example, I saw in a recent report that one of the girls bothering my daughter texted her 15 times last night.

  • Drea0601

     Viewing texts and calls is most definitely a core necessity in this app.

    Being able to read texts has helped me SAVE my teenage son from committing suicide twice!! I would have never known he was feeling that way or threatening such heart breaking things! This is our right as a parent. We are raising them, protecting them, and paying their bill. They are minors, not adults. Once adults, these apps should be removed by us.


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