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  • Why does Boomerang not auto-update on my child's device?

    Symptom: In your Google Play settings you are have the Auto-update apps enabled so when new updates are available they are installed. In the case of Boomerang, our app will not auto-update and requ...

  • How do I prevent my child from Pinning Apps?

    Hi – Thanks for connecting.  I think that your child has discovered a loophole where pinned apps can keep going.  We can prevent this.  This will also prevent opening apps in multiple windows. Here...

  • Text messages are not being collected

    Symptom:  Text message logs are not recording text messages from your child's device.   Possible causes: Review Boomerang's local permissions: Do we still have the proper permissions for Contacts ...

  • Why Android is the better choice for your kid's first smartphone

    A bold statement from an iPhone user - yes! I want to share why Android devices make better devices for our kids growing up with technology. Firstly, parents you do not have to change your iOS de...

  • How to Handle Kids Using Vault Apps

    Kids have been hiding things from their parents since the beginning of time. With the changes in technology, however, it has gotten a whole lot easier than stuffing magazines under their mattress. ...

  • How to enable filtering in YouTube with Restricted Mode

    In a previous post regarding How do I monitor my kids' YouTube app history and searches, we provided tips on where to look for your kids' viewed video history and searches. This post will show you ...

  • Why are commands from parent mode are slow?

    In our experience, an average of 20 seconds seems to be normal for all commands to successfully apply to your child's iOS device and report back to our parent mode app. Here are some tips on why it...

  • How will I know that my child’s Bedtime settings took effect?

    Requirement: install Boomerang on your iOS device in Parent Mode (Manage Family Devices). We provide device statuses under each family device that is in Child Mode. 

  • My kid is turning Airplane Mode on prior to bedtime - what can I do?

    Requirement: install Boomerang on your iOS device in Parent Mode (Manage Family Devices). If the Bedtime Schedule did not take effect, there will be a message stating “Bedtime wasn’t applied" in th...

  • How do I monitor text and calls on my child's iPhone?

    The iOS (Apple) environment is more limited in its nature and monitoring calls and text messages on an iPhone is currently not possible. For iPhones, what is of high value is location tracking and ...